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The Ground Up is led by a dynamic, organic-minded team dedicated to teaching communities how to build more healthy, beautiful, sustainable lawns, gardens & landscapes.  We strictly follow the procedures of the Soil Foodweb to create the highest quality and best performing mulch, soils & vegan compost in today’s market. This methodology, pioneered by world-renowned soil scientist, Dr. Elaine Ingham, focuses on creating soils which are organic, biologically rich & highly effective.    

Our Beyond Organic™ bag line is now available in leading nurseries and garden centers throughout the South.  We inoculate each bag with endo/ectomycorrhizae spores, beneficial fungi, active bacteria & more than 70 trace minerals.    

“Education is the key to success, not just for our company, but for our nation as a whole.  Once people realize the benefits of high-performance bio-organic soil, they understand the real value and the impact it has on their lives. We are just doing our part to help build more healthy, beautiful and sustainable communities for many years to come.” - TGU.


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